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While video is compelling, it is important that you understand the limitations of this medium. Video files by their very nature are large. This means that users who have slower connections might need to wait for the dreaded ‘buffering’ process before they can view your training. This is normal and a simple message in your course that this can occur typically solves the problem. Many who need the top training software systems use

This has lead to a situation in which there is something of a knowledge gap between what many people need to know, and what they actually know. And as training increasingly morphs into an online activity and organizations are moving to extended enterprise learning systems, the ability to quickly add and curate’s egg situation; namely that people don’t have the skills to use information technology, but need to use information technology in order to train themselves up!

Another potential issue with video based training for talent management systems is downloading. Since certain formats require the user to download a copy of your video to their computer, this can lead to potential copyright abuse. While we have not detected this as big problem, it is important that you are made aware. One way to get around the download issue is to use Flash formatted videos since these typically play within the browser and are not ‘downloaded’.